November 30, 2018

Cold processed soaps, otherwise known as Natural soaps are handcrafted soaps made using carrier oils, essential oils and edible ingredients. As a result of this, its usually pricier than store bought “cleansers” which are not really soaps because soaps can only be made when there is a saponification of Alkaline and fats & oils. Anyway, that’s a story for another day. I digress. As a result of the pricier cost of natural bar soaps, its only normal that users would want to prolong its lifespan, while still enjoying the skin loving benefits. Without further ado, these are ways to make your 4 ounces cold processed soap last for a month:


As a private label company, we get orders from clients who need soaps in two weeks or by weekend. We sadly always have to turn down such orders or refer them to other companies who do private labeling also. This is because, cold processed soaps need at least 4 to 6 weeks to be fully cured. The longer the soap cures, the harder it becomes and the less likely it is to finish faster.


Using your hands as sponge or rubbing the soaps on your wet body tends to make the soap finish faster. Instead, why not wet your sponge with a generous amount of water, then rub the soap on the scrub for 2 to 3 seconds. Wet your body with water and then scrub off with your sponge while you return your barely wet natural soap back on your your dry soap dish. The soap and water combination on the sponge creates so much lather that its unnecessary to use the soap again, unless perhaps to wash your face, separately. Our Soaps are high in Coconut oil and this makes them lather well, making it unnecessary to keep rubbing them into the sponge to lather.


To effectively use a 4 oz natural soap for a month, you need to use a soap dish, especially those that come with drainers. This is to prevent the soap being left in a pool of water, which is the fastest way to melt away your natural soap. The soap dish will help drain excess water from the soap after bath, leaving it dry enough for the next use. As you order your soaps for private label, be sure to order this wooden soap dish with drainer alongside it here, so you can sell to your customers and help their soaps last longer.


Well, this is quite similar to the previous point. Its worth repeating though. Whether you use soap dishes or not, the most important thing is to keep the soaps out of pools of water. The water disintegrates the soaps and melts it into liquid. For longer usage, always make sure the soap dries completely before re-using. If its being used by more than one person at a time, this may mean it doesn’t dry before water is used on it again. This will shorten its lifespan. Everyone should have their own soaps to prevent re-using before the soaps have the time to dry out.


Another way I personally use to preserve my natural soaps and make it last longer is by cutting it into four equal sizes. I use one per week and store the remaining 3 pieces on a dry tray for further curing. I realize that using the soaps in bit sizes helps me to conserve them better than if I put the whole soap on the soap dish, because there is always the temptation to keep lathering the soap on your body (natural soaps have such effect on the body, its delicious on the skin & very refreshing to use). So if you are on a budget and want your soaps to last, cutting it into smaller sizes can help with that.

Check out all the cold processed organic soaps we have available for private labeling here. Our MOQs are very low and our prices are competitive. Lets help you launch your own soap brand.

Don’t be afraid to share this post with your customers or at least educate them about it. I am sure it will be valuable information for them. Try doing the points listed above and see if you are able to use your 4 ounces natural soap bar for a month or at least 4 weeks.

Blog Credit : SoapBoxNG

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