What is Saaki Luxury ?

Saaki Luxury was founded by Seun Olarewaju a couple of moths after giving birth to her 2nd daughter. She had intense hyperpigmentation on her tummy, unsightly looking stretchmarks and cellulite on her thighs. Having launched a private label production company two years prior, she knew the solution to getting her skin conditions solved. Formulated cleansers, moisturizers and masks to treat her skin back to health. Within the first month, her skin was visibly changing. Her stretchmarks were fading, her cellulite were disappearing and the dark tummy was clearing and getting back it’s original colour.

Since then she had nursed the idea to launch a retail brand that carried products she used to treat her skin back to normal to help more women who are expecting, nursing or not even pregnant yet. It was important to her that the brand was sustainable from start to finish, which means, even the packaging materials used in making the products must be re-usable or recyclable.

She wanted pregnant & nursing women to enjoy the luxury skincare she enjoyed while nursing her second child. Her mum’s frequent visit to Saaki, a town in the South West region of Nigeria to get Òrí (also known as Shea butter) for production of the skincare products she formulated, inspired Seun to name the brand Saaki Luxury.

The name is an ode to the town that is so rich in Òrí, a star skincare ingredient that heals the skin and restores it. It’s a way of sharing a luxury ingredient from Saaki with expecting and nursing mothers worldwide.

Saaki Luxury will always cater to women, expecting mothers and nursing mothers. Saaki Luxury will always be a sustainable & clean beauty brand that uses only natural and organic ingredients to manufacture its products.

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